Nina Frank

Nina Frank has worked in the healing field for many years, but her aptitude for working with and healing others goes back to childhood. She relates how as a young child, she helped other children with their lessons and homework when they were stuck or didn’t understand something and was always approached by others for help with emotional upsets they were experiencing. 

As long as she can remember, she was always inspired to pass on any knowledge, be it information or wisdom, that came to her.

As a young woman in her twenties she started nursing and during her secondyear had an experience with a woman who was miscarrying that inspired her to become a midwife. 

Nina was in charge of the ward that night and when she checked the foetus, soon after the birth, she discovered that it was still breathing, in spite of the fact that it was only 23 weeks into the pregnancy. Not knowing what to do, she ran to phone the maternity ward and was told to put the foetus in a warm oven while they sent an incubator over. She was so moved and excited by this experience and knew that this was a calling for her.

After many years working as a midwife, both in hospitals and as a private midwife, she realised that she wanted to explore different healing modalities and so began the next phase of her journey. 

She has never stopped learning new methods and adding to her knowledge and in the process has matured as a practitioner and offered different forms of healing, including distant healing, to many people. “I still consider myself a midwife”, she says of herself, although I’m no longer delivering babies. 

But the process of healing often leads to transformation and rebirth”. She is wise and compassionate, has always cared deeply about others and brings a refreshing naturalness to her sessions as she works with each individual in her own unique way.