Nina Frank

Healing Therapies

Nina has extensive experience in the field of healing and offers a variety of healing modalities to suit every client’s needs, which can be done in person or through distant healings. She works from a beautiful tranquil setting that ensures a peaceful and sacred space.


In Resonance Repatterning we muscle check for the negative patterns in the unconscious mind that we’re locked into and then, again using muscle checking, we establish what healing modalities we can use to shift these patterns. The Resonance Repatterning system understands that we exist as fields of vibrating frequencies. Our thoughts, feelings, needs and physical symptoms are all vibratory expressions. The frequencies we resonate with determine what we experience.

We attract and express what we resonate with. If for example we resonate with the frequency of being angry, being sick, feeling rejected not having enough money, or humour, joy of living and passion, then that’s what we’ll draw to us and what will manifest in our lives. The Resonance Repatterning system gives us the tools to change our resonance so we naturally and easily spiral up to a higher energy state of wellbeing and coherence. Part of this work involves doing work on our families and what we’ve brought through from our ancestors. The repatternings include work based on Bert Hellingers’ Family constellations and are immensely powerful.


Trauma Release Process – this is the work of David Berceli who has spent many years of his life living in war zones and disaster areas.

Through observing people’s bodies and how they react to trauma, he has designed a series of exercises which allow us to rebalance the nervous system through re-educating the body/system to shake off trauma, in much the same way that animals do when traumatized.

This process doesn’t only apply to what we generally label trauma e.g. muggings, accidents, abuse etc. but can also be trauma of a more innocent nature i.e. when someone had no intention of hurting us but because of our own perceptions of life we were left feeling wounded.

Life Alignment

Life Alignment Technique: This is a vibrational healing technique which works by priority. It could be the neurological system if the headaches are being caused by something in the nervous system or brain. Then again it could be a chakra or an emotion. We find out what’s needed using muscle testing, and this will show us the route to take. The muscle test will give me the physical body points that need to be addressed and the underlying emotional components. Problems can be addressed on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level and involve clearing energy and emotional blockages, whatever has been locked into the system at a cellular level. As a Life Alignment practitioner I will include The Foundation and Vortex alignment in the treatment, depending on what comes up as priority. People experience many different sensations during treatment, and process and release longheld emotional patterns.

The Foundation:
This underlies the other techniques and is a more recent addition, but at the same time is fundamental to learning the other two – the third being Vortex Alignment. It’s also about correcting imbalances in the body-mindspirit system and works with releasing whatever is locked into the cells. It’s a very simple, and at the same time powerful, technique to learn and allows for a flow of healing energy into the body, which helps the body to heal. The feeling one experiences during a treatment is one of something being drawn out of the body.

Vortex Alignment:
There are 7 modules in Life Alignment and when Jeff Levin, the originator of this technique was preparing to teach module 5 for the first time, he was guided to create the first five cards (there are now many more), which amplified the balances he was doing. The Vortex cards are a result of years of exploration and research into the field of environmental pollution and its detrimental effect on our bodies. This includes electromagnetic radiation, (from computers, microwaves, electrical appliances etc.), geopathic stress and toxic subtle energies. The purpose of the cards is to balance and clear these energies, create a more harmonious environment, enhance our vitality and well-being. The cards have demonstrated remarkable ability to heal the body, relieve pain, structural alignment, balance the organs and body systems, chakras and the subtle energy fields. Vortex Alignment is also used to balance the energy fields in homes, offices, etc.


This wonderful healing technique assists one to reconnect to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects us to the fullness of our beings and of who we are. It is considered to be able to reconnect us to the universe and to our very essence, not just through a new set of healing frequencies but through an entirely new bandwidth.

Prior to the sudden appearance of his non-traditional healing abilities, founder Eric Pearl, ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years. In August 1993, he discovered he had been blessed with an unusual gift and he suddenly became a healing vehicle of a different kind; a conduit through which healing energy flows.


Reiki is a natural healing therapy, that was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1926 in Japan, after years of research of ancient Tibetan healing techniques. It is passed on from Reiki Master to student in the form of attunements, which can be highly spiritual experiences as one is opened up to the energy flow. Rei means Universal and Ki mean Life-force, and as such is not based on any belief systems.


Distant Healing can be done through the following modalities: resonance repatterning; body alignment; quantum touch; emotional freedom technique and reconnective healing. I also do distant healing on animals.


This energetic healing technique employs various breathing techniques and body awareness exercises which create a high vibrational field in the practitioner, and the client’s system then entrains to this field. The client is the healer, the practitioner is merely there to facilitate the process. i.e. If the client’s body-mind system didn’t entrain with the higher vibration there would be no healing. This is a highly effective method of healing, often bringing quick and profound relief, even to areas of the body that have shown symptoms of pain and disease for many years.

THE WORK of Byron Katie

The Work is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question thoughts that cause all the suffering in the world. It’s a way to understand what’s hurting you, and to address your problems with clarity.

Business and Organisation Alignment

This is an aspect of Life Alignment aimed at creating a sense of well-being in the environment and harmony in the relationships between members. It can be used for projects, groups such as an Organisation or family as well as for one-man Businesses and promotes growth and abundance.

Home Alignment

The core purpose of this modality is to create one’s whole home as a heart space. Our environment is toxic in many ways, so as well as clearing EMF’s and geopathic stress, I also work with blocked energy flow lines and the whole space becomes lighter and brighter. The blockages can be emotional, but also reflect the history of the space. I.e. negative influences from others living in the house have left a legacy behind that we are unconsciously dealing with and can be creating havoc in our lives.