Nina Frank

Group Transformation Game Workshop

R3950 per person

Transformation Game Workshop


The Foundation

  • Including 2 cards

Life Alignment Workshop

2 Modules
  • Module 1 - R2350
  • Module 2 - R4500

Vortex Alignment


Individual Healing Sessions

R720 / Single Session
  • or
  • R690 as part of a series of 4 sessions

Business & Organisation Alignment

R1000 / Per Session
  • Sessions are 2 hours long
  • Usually 3 or 4 sessions required



The transformation game is a great way to take a step back from the “everyday business” of life and create some space to re-examine your life and priorities. Nina Frank is one of those rare facilitators who manages to craft that delicate balance between providing helpful nudges and insights, yet without bringing her own agenda or biases to the game. Her years of experience in this field help you dive deeper and gain a new level of self-understanding. As such, the game is more of a spiritual journey than merely a board game – highly recommended!


“I found Nina to be very versatile with her modalities as she used her intuition in helping me through some issues. I can be very stubborn, especially if I don’t want to ‘look’ at something. Nina, was always kind, caring, knowledgeable and gentling pushing with a quiet strength to help me ‘see and resolve’. I now trust that I have someone to facilitate me through my tough spots of life. Thank you Nina.”


“I have been seeing Nina for a couple of months to try and help with the healing of an unsuccessful back operation. I have never tried any alternative healing processes, but because I do not want to have another operation I decided to try something radically different, and I can say that the processes that I have experienced with Nina are radically different. I often have no idea of what we are going to be doing, and I certainly have no idea of how it helps, but it does. I have experienced a reduction in pain, and I have gained some motor functionality, but more important than that, I believe are some of the insights that I have experienced on a personal level. Nina also believes in empowering me to continue my healing on my own, which is very powerful.”


“Without fail, Nina always provides a calming and balancing presence. She has helped me explore and navigate through a number of life challenges, both personal and professional. Nina’s therapies have helped me to identify some of the blockages and sticking points which have been holding me back. I have found her work to be gentle yet deep, leaving me more centred and grounded, and better able to grow.”